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The Ubu Project (Workshop)

The Ubu Project was a workshop with TheatreofplucK to devise a new performance piece based on Alfred Jerry's play Ubu Roi. The goal was to create a working script or detailed outline for a contemporary, Irish take on Ubu Roi spun on a recent political scandal in Northern Ireland.

For this workshop, I provided dramaturgical support with comparing multiple translations of the text (originally in French), providing context to our English and American actors for the current political landscape of Northern Ireland, and provided video and sound equipment to capture the actors improvisation. Below is audio captured from the workshop improvisations.  I also transcribed these improvisations throughout the week of workshops to create a script of our work.

Here, Artistic Director and Workshop Leader, Niall Rea asked actor Stephanie Weyman to improvise an active retelling of the plot of Ubu Roi within some kind of physical activity. This is the audio from that exercise.