My Whitney - Love Me's "Take Me Home"


A New Radio Piece on CBC’s Love Me

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 1.07.18 PM.png

A woman with Alzheimer's dreams of returning to her childhood home as she lies in bed, staring at the ceiling; two adult siblings find themselves sharing their old room again after years apart; and a daughter navigates the loss of her childhood house after her father's death.

Featuring Alexander Charles Adams (me) and Caitlin Pierce

Additional music by Quantum Jazz.

Making this piece was easy in the tape, hard on the page. I couldn’t figure out what to write for a long time. Working with Cristal and Sarah on Love Me gave me a chance to see how I looked at my hometown and my family without the pressure of just making it for me. The piece gave me a purpose to look at these things beyond my own work or anxious over-contemplation before sleep.

You’ll hear more from Whitney in my upcoming series The Glass Men of Vacherie.

Cristal was my collaborator on the Hearsay Barbershop Experiment