My Whitney - Love Me's "Take Me Home"


A New Radio Piece on CBC’s Love Me

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 1.07.18 PM.png

Making this piece was easy in the tape, hard on the page. I couldn’t figure out what to write for a long time. Working with Cristal and Sarah on Love Me gave me a chance to see how I looked at my hometown and my family without the pressure of just making it for me. The piece gave me a purpose to look at these things beyond my own work or anxious over-contemplation before sleep.

You’ll hear more from Whitney in my upcoming series The Glass Men of Vacherie.

Cristal was my collaborator on the Hearsay Barbershop Experiment

A woman with Alzheimer's dreams of returning to her childhood home as she lies in bed, staring at the ceiling; two adult siblings find themselves sharing their old room again after years apart; and a daughter navigates the loss of her childhood house after her father's death.

Featuring Alexander Charles Adams (me) and Caitlin Pierce

This piece was produced for Season 3 of Love Me, which won the Gold Award for Narrative/Documentary Podcast at the 2019 New York Radio Festival.