For WHYY's The Pulse: Getting on PrEP is Harder Than You Think


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photo by Hira-Maja Dupas

photo by Hira-Maja Dupas

My story, Getting on PrEP is Harder Than You Think, starts at 3:42

It is also available in print here.

“At its best, sex isn’t just fun — it’s good for our health. It can relieve stress, enhance our mood — even offer a bit of a workout! But sex can also be painful, both physically and emotionally; it can open the door to injury and disease; and it can reflect, or even magnify, changes that we’re not willing to face.

In this episode, we explore sex and our health. We hear stories about PrEP, asexuality, the online world of NoFap, and enjoying sex as you age.”

Featuring Alexander Charles Adams (me) .