DreamWalker by August Schulenburg

DreamWalker by August Schulenburg was produced by the LSU Laboratory Theatre Season in Spring of 2015 and was directed by Jordan Campbell. Alexander was the dramaturg on the project. 

One of my earliest dramaturgy credits, I had just begun my search for my mode of transmission for such specialised information. I had just performed in a play Dionysus of the Holocaust where Dr. Macy Jones had used a blog to disperse her dramaturgical handouts and musings. I decided to follow in her footsteps for this play and create a Dreamwalker Dramaturgical Blog where I uploaded interviews with the production team, handouts on themes within the play, and documented all designs and other portfolio materials of the team.

View a Handout from the Dramaturgical Packet at Alexander's Dramaturgy Portfolio

View the Dramaturgical Blog Alexander created for DreamWalker